November 2014 ISSUE

   Choose a body area to view the exercises:
    Abdominals - 17 Exercises
    Arms (Bicep/Tricep) - 18 Exercises
    Back - 11 Exercises
    Chest - 11 Exercises
    Hips & Glutes - 7 Exercises
    Legs (Quad/Hamstring/Calf) - 12 Exercises
    Shoulder - 7 Exercises

Before attempting any exercise program, please consult a fitness or medical professional.
Ab Exercises
These exercises can give you that wash board stomach you've always wanted. They target all of your abdominal muscles using mostly your own body weight and maybe a few machines or an exercise ball. There is a variety of exercises for everyone to use, from the beginner to the expert.
Before attempting any exercise or diet modification, always consult a fitness or medical professional.
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