November 2014 ISSUE

   Choose a body area to view the exercises:
    Abdominals - 17 Exercises
    Arms (Bicep/Tricep) - 18 Exercises
    Back - 11 Exercises
    Chest - 11 Exercises
    Hips & Glutes - 7 Exercises
    Legs (Quad/Hamstring/Calf) - 12 Exercises
    Shoulder - 7 Exercises

Before attempting any exercise program, please consult a fitness or medical professional.
Bicep Exercises
Exercises for the bicep muscles will help mold and shape your upper arm. The exercises range from a simple bicep curl to concentration curls, giving you a variety of exercises to choose from.

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Tricep Exercises
There are three parts of the tricep muscle that need to be worked and these exercises address all of them. Combining a few exercises can give your muscles a great workout and give your arm definition.
Before attempting any exercise or diet modification, always consult a fitness or medical professional.
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