October 2014 ISSUE


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Ketones: an organic compound containing a carbonyl group; ketone acids in the body, such as acetone, are the end products of fat metabolism.

Ketosis: the accumulation of excess ketones in the blood; since ketones are acids, acidosis occurs.

Key-nutrient concept: the concept that if certain key nutrients are adequately supplied by the diet, the other essential nutrients will also be present in adequate amounts.

Kilocalorie: the amount of heat required to raise 1 kg of water 1 degree celcius.

Kilogram: a unit of mass in the metric system; 1 kilogram is the equivalent of 2.2 pounds.

Kinesthesia: sensation or feeling of movement; the awareness one has of the spatial relationships of one’s body and its parts.

Before attempting any exercise or diet modification, always consult a fitness or medical professional.
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